Pros & Cons: Furnished vs. Unfurnished

The home selling process can be overwhelming enough when everything goes as planned, but what happens if you have to sell your home after you’ve already moved out? Showing and selling the home furnished versus unfurnished and what to do with the furniture after the fact is a topic that many experts are divided on. Weighing the pros and cons and considering the situation you are in and what is more convenient for you is extremely important, and that’s where the pros and cons of each will come into play.

Pros & Cons: Furnished vs. Unfurnished

Since your personal preferences and circumstances are going to come into play, our team has outlined the pros and cons of each option and our best advice!

Pros of Selling Furnished

  • Helps the buyer see how each room can be utilized
  • Makes the house feel more like a home, not just a structure
  • Furniture helps cover small imperfections (chipped paint, a scratch on the floor, etc.)
  • Aesthetically pleasing versus an empty house
  • Can leave a lasting impression on the potential buyer- a good one if it’s staged well, and possibly negative if the home is a mess and not well staged

Cons of Selling Furnished

  • If you’re in a hurry to move out, the furniture left behind to stage the home can be inconvenient to move out on short notice
  • It means you essentially have to move twice; once to get most of your belongings to the new home, and a second time to move the remainder
  • If the potential buyer doesn’t have the same style, the furnishings can hinder the aesthetic appeal for them
  • If the room is over furnished, it can make it appear smaller- we suggest these staging tips to avoid this issue

Pros of Selling Unfurnished

  • Presents a blank canvas to the prospective buyer to imagine their own belongings in
  • You’ve already moved, so once the home sells, you’re all done!
  • Empty homes can be shown at a moment’s notice, making it easy for realtors to get in and get the property sold

Cons of Selling Unfurnished

  • Empty homes can feel dull and lifeless
  • A prospective buyer might have trouble visualizing their own belongings in the space
  • An empty house can make it seem like the current owners are desperate to sell
  • Limited ability to hide any dents, chipped paints, etc.

If you’re still stuck on whether you should sell your home furnished versus unfurnished, we highly recommend utilizing a staging service! This will help the prospective buyer visualize the space better without it being crammed with pieces you’ve owned for years.